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A few typographical errors have been corrected. They are shown in the text with mouse-hover popups. The Riviera. Hotels, productions, climate Hotels, trams, sights, excursions The French Riviera Marseilles to Toulonpassing several pretty little towns, of which the most important is La Seyne p.

From Toulon omnibuses and diligences run to the neighbouring villages and to the more distant towns in the interior. Toulon to Meounes and Brignoles by Belgentier, by diligence. As far as Meounes the road traverses a picturesque country p. Steamer to La Seyne pp. Mandrier p. Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Ile du Levant Toulon to Hyères Hotels, cabs, drives, stage-coaches, excursions, bello sguardo sex in Troy, climate Tropez p.

Raphael p. La Pauline. Diligence and train to Hyères Carnoules to Gardanne by rail, passing Brignoles and Ste. Maximin Le Luc. Le Luc to St.

Tropez by coach, across the Maure mountains Les Arcs to Draguignan by rail. From Draguignan diligences start to Aups, Barjols, Fayence, Lorgues and Salernes, and correspond at these towns with other diligences Cannes to Auribeau, p. Cassien p. Vallier and Castellane p. Nice to St. Martin Lantosque by coach, and thence to Cuneo by the Col di Finestra Nice to Puget-Theniers and Saint Sauveur by coach.

From St. Sauveur an excellent road by the side of the Tinée ascends to St. Etienne ; whence bridle-road E. Nice to Cuneo by the tunnel of the Col di Tenda Beaulieu to Port St. Jean and the Lighthouse—a pleasant walk Bello sguardo sex in Troy Carlo to Nice by the coast-road Monaco to La Turbie and the Tête de Chien Bordigheraup the valley of the Nervia, to Pigna San Remo to Monte Bignone Avenza to Carrara by rail—a very easy and interesting excursion Pisa to Florence by Pontedera and Empoli map, p.

Pisa to Florence by Lucca, Pistoja and Prato Lucca to the Baths of Lucca Florence to Vallombrosa Genoa to Turin by Alessandria—a very interesting railway journey Showing the course of the upper Corniche Road from Nice to Menton, as well as bello sguardo sex in Troy of the lower and perhaps more beautiful road between Nice and Monte-Carlo, extending along the coast, nearly parallel to the railway. Estérel Mountainsor Frejus and St.

Raphael to Cannes The most beautiful walk or drive is by the Porta Romana up to the Piazza Michelangiolo. The Florence Picture Gallery. Contained in two vast edifices on both sides of the Arno; united by long corridors, which from the Uffizi straggle down to the river, cross the bridge, and reach the Pitti Palace by the upper story of the houses bordering the Via Guicciardini.

As the excursions from Hyères and Toulon bello sguardo sex in Troy nearly the same, the environs of both towns are given on the same map. Italian Rivieraor the Riviera from Ventimiglia to Leghorn Called also the Riviera di Ponente and the Riviera di Levante.

This map shows the position of the towns and villages on the coast and in the interior, the roads between them and the Marseilles canal; which, from the Durance, enters the sea at Cape Croisette. The object of this plan is to enable tourists to find their way unaided to the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral, the Baptistery, and the Campo Santo or Cemetery.

The frescoes on the walls of the Cemetery require the cultivated talent of an artist to appreciate. Those who have to remain over the night should take one of the hotels close to the station. The Durance to the Var and San Remo This map shows principally the position of the towns in the interior, approached by diligence from Grasse near CannesDraguignan, and Nice.

From Nice start the diligences which run between France and Italy. Thermometeron the Centigrade and Fahrenheit scale This map will be found very useful in the excursions by the small steamers sailing from the port. The Riviera is a strip of land extending miles along the coast of the Mediterranean at the foot of the Maritime Alps and their bello sguardo sex in Troy. It is usually divided into two portions—the Riviera from Hyères to Genoa, miles long; and the Riviera from Genoa to Leghorn, miles long.

The bello sguardo sex in Troy and more frequented of the two bello sguardo sex in Troy the former—the Western Riviera—which has been subjected to most careful and minute meteorological observations, and the various stations classified according to their supposed degree of temperature.

Yet in the whole miles the difference may be said to be imperceptible. No one station in all its parts is alike, the parts of each station differing more from each other than the stations themselves.

Yet each station has some peculiarity which suits some people more than others; this peculiarity being more often accidental and social—such as the people met with, the lodgings, the general surroundings, and many other little things which exercise a more powerful influence upon the health and well-being of the mind and body than the mere fractional difference of temperature.

None of the protecting mountains of any of the stations are sufficiently high, precipitous, and united to ward off the cold winds when the higher mountains behind are covered with snow. All the ridges have deep indentations through which the cold air, as well as the streams, descends to the plain. Hence no station is exempt from cold winds, and all delicate persons must ever be on their guard against them—the more sunny and beautiful the day, especially in early spring, the greater is the danger.

The coldest months are Bello sguardo sex in Troy and January. With February the temperature commences to rise progressively. Throughout the entire region bello sguardo sex in Troy and dusty weather is the rule, cloudy and wet weather the exception. These bello sguardo sex in Troy the end of January have become abundant, and are quickly followed in February by crocuses, primroses, and pretty blue hepaticas.

Meanwhile the star-anemones are springing up in the olive-woods, with periwinkles and rich red anemones. In March the hillsides are fragrant bello sguardo sex in Troy thyme, lavender, and the Mediterranean heath, to which April adds cistuses, helianthemums, convolvuli, serapiases, and gladioli.

There bello sguardo sex in Troy a much less quantity of wild flowers now than formerly. The date-palm flourishes in the open air. Capital walking-sticks are made of the midrib of the leaf. Among the trees which fructify freely are the orange, lemon, and citron trees, bello sguardo sex in Troy pepper tree Schinus mollethe camphor tree Ligustrum ovalifoliumthe locust tree Ceratona siliquathe Tree Veronica, the magnolia, and different species of the Eucalyptus or gum tree and of the true Acacia.

In marshy places the common bamboo Arundo donax attains a great height; while the Sedum dasyphyllumthe aloe, and the Opuntium or prickly-pear, clothe the dry rocky banks with verdure. The most important tree commercially is the olive, which occupies the lower part of the mountains and immense tracts in the valleys. The higher elevations are divided among the cork tree Quercus suberthe Maritime, Aleppo, and umbrella pines, and the chestnut tree.

The Japanese medlar Eriobotrya japonica is common in the orchards, flowers in December, and ripens its fruit in May. With the exception of the orange, lemon, and cherry, all the other orchard trees ripen their fruit too late for the winter resident.

The Riviera: Cost of Living. On the Riviera generally, but especially in Hyères, St. Raphael, Grasse, and Menton, board and lodging in good hotels can be had for 8s. In some boarding-houses Pensions the price per day is as low as 6s. They can easily prepare their own breakfast, and they bello sguardo sex in Troy get their dinner sent to them. As a general rule it is best to alight at some hotel, and, while on the spot, to select either the pension or apartments, as no description can give an adequate idea of the state of the drains nor of the people of the house.

Fluids are sold by the litre, equal to nearly a quart of four not six to the gallon. Solids are sold by the kilogramme, or, as it is generally called, the kilo, equal to 2 lbs. Bread is about the same price as in England.